An early Sunday morning blaze has destroyed a well-known downtown Waterville restaurant.

According to a report in the KJ, the fire was at The Last Unicorn on Silver Street (just off the concourse). The restaurant sits between Cancun Mexican Restaurant and Silver Street Tavern.  T

The fire was reported just before 4 a.m. on Sunday, the paper reported, and it appears that the blaze was so intense that it demolished the building.

A post on the Waterville Fire & Rescue Facebook page gave a detailed breakdown of the situation.

It appears that, initially, fire crews attempted to fight the blaze from inside the building.  However, the intense heat and falling debris caused firefighters to abandon their attempt to fight the fire from inside the building.

For the remainder of the incident, they fought the fire from the building's outside.

Waterville Fire & Rescue
Waterville Fire & Rescue

Thanks to the quick-thinking fire crews, there was only slight damage to adjacent buildings.  However, it is important to keep in mind that damage to the surrounding restaurants is still being assessed.

The Facebook post goes on to say:

Once all civilians in the adjacent building were evacuated, crews their focused efforts on suppressing the fire. We utilized large diameter hose streams and ariel master streams. The Waterville Fire Department also utilized a civilian unmanned aircraft above the fire to help direct fire crews during suppression efforts. Given the sheer volume of fire and construction of our historic downtown, our incident commander then made the decision to contact our Public Works Department and utilize an excavator to ensure the fire did not extend into the Silver Street Tavern or Cancun Restaurant. The front and rear of the building was removed to allow firefighters better access to the fire.

Waterville fire crews responded with an aerial tower.  They were aided by crews from Oakland, Winslow, Clinton, and Sidney.

At this point in the investigation, there is no word on how the fire may have started.

Over the next few days, the fire department and the City of Waterville will be on-site to help with the cleanup of the debris.

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