Is former Pittsburgh Steelers' quarterback, and TV personality, Terry Bradshaw a time traveler?  When you first read that you probably yelled "no!" at your phone (or laptop, or tablet, or Apple IIE, or whatever), right?  Of course he isn't.  Time travel isn't a real thing!

Not so fast...

There's a strange story floating around the internet that may prove he is a time traveler.

According to, in 1983, as he was getting ready to kick off his final season with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Bradshaw entered a Louisiana hospital to have a minor surgery on his elbow.  In order to avoid being hassled by the media, he was listed in the hospital as "Thomas Brady".

Of course, this was way before we knew Brady as the GOAT.  In fact, at that point, he was only five years old!

So, why use that name?

Well, the practice of celebrities using a fake name when going out in public is not uncommon. This was especially true back in the days before social media and smartphones.  All types of celebrities, from actors to sports stars, occasionally check in to hotels and hospitals under assumed names.  And, when you think about it, their initials do match up - a "T" first name and a "B" last name.

In a recent interview, Bradshaw explained that he did not choose the assumed name.  When he woke up from the surgery, the doctor explained that they had checked him in using the name so that he wouldn't be bothered by the press.

Of course, there is a chance that Terry Bradshaw, or his doctor, aren't time travelers.  Instead, they could be modern day Nostradamuses.

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