It is hard to deny that the last few years have been filled with learning experiences for most of us.  We now know way more about virology, pandemics, murder hornets, inflation, and the economy than we ever really wanted to know.  Right?

And, we continue to learn.

For example, before today, I had never heard of "dirty rain".  Now, I know all about it and why it has been falling on the State of Maine.


What is dirty rain or dust rain?

According to a Wikipedia article, dirty rain, which is sometimes called dust rain, is rain water mixed with small dust particles.  Basically, it creates falling mud.

The phenomena is very common in the areas near large deserts, like the Sahara Desert.  Here in the United States, it is common in the dusty parts of the south and west.  Texas and Oklahoma, for example.

Normally, it is very rare for the dust to be carried far enough for it to fall on the New England States.  However, clearly, it does happen.


Why are we getting dirty rain here in Maine?

According to WGME, some people in Maine have reported dirty rain today.  The TV station is reporting that instances of dirty rain in Maine are being caused by a massive dust storm in Oklahoma.

The good news is that, despite some rumors that were posted online, scientists say the dirty rain falling on Maine does not contain the hazardous chemicals that were onboard that train the derailed in Ohio.  The derailment was ten days ago so any chemicals would have fallen days ago.  And, the Department of Environment Protection says that have not found any chemicals in recent samples they have taken from Maine rain water.

Today's rain is just rain with some dust in it!

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