The ink hasn't even dried on the closed sign and i've already moved on. This is America, when one thing goes, we want to see what's next. I might be heartless but I'll admit it. 4 Taco Bells have gone out of business in Maine, which is sad, all those people are out of work, I feel for them, but I also like to be intrigued by new things. I'm specifically talking about the Taco Bell on Western Avenue in Augusta, because it's right down the street from my house, it is in the closest proximity to me, and I'm kind of selfish. Here's what I want to go in there it has a drive through so it'll most likely be a restaurant:

Chick Fil A: For the love of God, I would LOVE it if a CFA went in there. not likely, probably too small of a location, but I can dream I would eat there 3 times a week if a Chick Fil A moved in.

Five Guys: I think that is a better location than where they are, right off the street, easier access, boom, they'd make bank. Follow Pizza Hut's example and move up the street.

Panda Express: OH MY GOSH could you imagine??? Can you wrap your mind around the idea of a Panda Express right up the street. I'd cry, I would weep the manliest of all the tears if I had instant access to rice and chicken.

Hardee's: I don't think they have these here but I would like one, a different burger option.

Krispy Kreme: I would LOVE this. But I would also go like every day so it's not the healthiest option for me....

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