A happy worker makes for a happy work place and happy customers. We hear that all the time and many studies have shown it’s true.  Happiness and satisfaction on the job has different meanings for different people though. But, most employees can agree on seven things they want most that will make them happy.
Appreciation comes in at number one. Even if the pay is good, the work is interesting and the office is gorgeous, praise goes a long way. If your supervisor goes out of their way to point out you’re wrong, they should pat you on the back when you’re right.  Respect is next, it doesn’t cost anything and people want to be treated like adults and rewarded for a job well done. Trust and individual growth are important too. Trusting the people you work with makes it easier for you to learn your job and grow professionally.

All workers hope for a good boss, ones that are fair, honest, and someone they can respect and learn from.  Compatible co-workers came in next. You don’t have to be best friends, but you need to be able respect and share vision for your work. You should be able to laugh and get along together and feel good about the people you work with.  The final thing employees want to make a happy workplace is a sense of purpose. Being able to use our knowledge and experience doing something we love, will make us feel more connected to the company giving you the feeling you can make a difference.