Over the last few years, we have seen the closure of way too many local businesses.  Many of those business were restaurants that had been in business for years.  Some had even been in business for decades.

One of those was the Augusta location of Pat's Pizza.  The regional pizza chain location, which was located on State Street, had been in Augusta for over three decades when it closed in the summer of 2020.

For over two years, the space once occupied by the pizza place has been vacant.  It appears that is about to change.  A regional retail chain is about to breathe (blue smoky) life into the vacant building.

Based on the signage that has gone up in front of the building, and the construction site sized dumpster in front of the building, it appears that a medical marijuana dispensary is going into the location.

Cooper Fox
Cooper Fox

Highbrow is a regional chain of marijuana product stores.  The first Highbrow location opened in Waldoboro on April 21st of 2017 (why not April 20th?).  That location was quickly followed by Topsham, Manchester, and Rockland.

One of the interesting things about the business is that, depending on the town they are operating in, they operate as either a medical marijuana dispensary or a recreational marijuana store.

For example, as Augusta has yet to approve recreational sales (they are discussing it), the State Street store will be a medical marijuana dispensary.  For now, at least.

At this point, there is no word on when this location will be open and their website does not yet mention an Augusta location.

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