It really looks like El Tequila Mexican Restaurant in Augusta is no more.

Despite the sign of a commercial leasing agent being outside the business for the last few weeks, it had appeared the restaurant was still operating normally.  Then, on my way home a few days ago, I noticed that the restaurant appeared to be closed.  I just figured that it was a day they would normally be closed.  I think it was a Monday.  One of the slower days in the business.  But, this happened for a few days in a row.

Yesterday, I stopped by the restaurant, which is located in the old Pizza Hut location on Western Avenue in Augusta.  It appears the place has closed...  REALLY CLOSED!  It looks like the business has been cleaned out.  Tables, chairs, everything.

Their listed number has been disconnected, they are no longer listed on Google Maps, and messages to their Facebook page (while seen) go unanswered.

Chad Montano / Unsplash
Chad Montano / Unsplash

Maybe they are just taking an extended break?  It could be the case, but it does not look that way.

If you were a fan of their food, there is good news.  While we are not 100% sure it is the same owners, it appears they have a location on Center Street in Auburn.  We wish them all the best with this location.  You can check out their Facebook page for that location for more information and to see their menu.

If they have really closed for good, we are curious about what could go into the space next.

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