Luke Combs is a true country mega star.  In just a few years, he has had a string of over a dozen number one hit, done a number of notable TV appearances, and won several awards (CMAs, ACMs, Billboard Music Awards).  Even with all those accomplishments, he remains a down to earth family man who loves his fans.  All that rolled together is probably why so many people love Luke Combs.

Well, he has given us another reason to love him.

On Saturday night, he performed what amounts to a free show at the Maine Savings Amphitheater in Bangor.

How is that?  How is it a free show?  Well, here's what happened.

After putting on an amazing performance on Friday night, his voice was shredded.  While he still did Saturday meet-and-greets, his voice was notably horse.  After spending some time with fans, he tried to rest his voice.  Sadly, it did not help much.

There seemed to be a longer break between Mitchell Tenpenny and Luke Combs than what many regular concert attendees were used to.  When Luke Combs did take the stage, we found out why it seemed to take longer - he had been trying deal with his throat and deciding how he would proceed.

He announced that he was still going to perform but, because of the condition of his voice, he did not feel he could put on a real show.  Because of that, he was going to refund the money concertgoers had paid for tickets to the show.

Visibly upset with the situation, he explained that he understands the cost of going to a concert goes way beyond what is paid for the tickets.  For many people there are hotel rooms, dinners, babysitters, gas, and more.  Refunding the price of the tickets was, in his mind, the least he could do.  So, basically, he played a free show.

Following that explanation, he performed an abbreviated set that still lasted over an hour.  And, despite his vocal issues, he still put on a memorable performance that the thousands of people in attendance will not soon forget.

Situations like this are why country artists have such loyal fans.

We also need to mention that both openers, Morgan Wade and Mitchell Tenpenny CRUSHED their sets, too.

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