If you follow me on social media, there is a good chance that you saw I recently took the kids to visit the theme parks in Orlando.  What a great trip!  We had such an amazing time and made some memories we will remember forever.

On the way back, we flew into the Portland International Jetport.  Exhausted from a very long trip, we dragged ourselves off the plane and through the terminal to the baggage claim area.  We found the correct carousel and waited.

After a few minutes, suitcases and checked backpacks began to roll down the belt.  We snagged our first two bags.  As we were keeping an eye out for our other three bags, we spotted a couple of items that looked a little out of place.  Mixed in with the hard shelled suitcases and nylon travel bags were a pair of cardboard boxes!

The brown boxes, zip tied closed, were marked KEEP REFRIGERATED.  As they got closer, it was clear that they had not been refrigerated!  They were leaking and had a strong smell of fish (or some other kind of seafood).

Several of our fellow passengers made comments about the boxes and the odor.  And, of course, we all kept an eye out to see who was going to claim the boxes.  However, over the course of the next twenty minutes, while we waited for the rest of our luggage to appear on the conveyor belt, no one stepped up to claim the boxes.  Yes, when we left, they were still on the belt.

As we left the terminal, we had so many questions...  What was in the boxes?  If they were put on the flight as checked baggage, where was the passenger they belonged to?

One of my Facebook friends had an interesting point.  If they were coming from Florida, like we were, maybe they were the catch of someone who had been doing some deep sea fishing.  It is possible.  Maybe the boxes contained chopped up pieces of a marlin?

Gayatara Molhotra / Unsplash
Gayatara Molhotra / Unsplash

What do you think?  Do you know who owns the boxes?  If so, what was in them?

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