According to USA Today, McDonalds wants you to enjoy a saucy rebirth of the classic McRib on them.  I leaked the great news a few weeks ago and now ...the return of McRib is back...December 2nd, not that I am keeping track or anything. Now, the only thing better than that is you can score one for free.

You see...McDonald’s is partnering with No-Shave November to offer anyone who shaves their facial hair a free McRib. That's right a FREE McRib to the first 10,000 entries who show their clean-shaven face.

David Tovar, Vice President of McDonalds says:

“Our bearded fans know… facial hair and the McRib just don’t mix—believe me, I’ve tried, and now with the nationwide return of the McRib, we’re helping fans enjoy every delectable moment by encouraging them to shave for a chance to win a free McRib. And we’re excited this year to partner with No-Shave November, a charity that knows a thing or two about facial hair.”

It is easy to get in to win, simply post a picture of your cleanly shaved face on your Twitter or Instagram profile using #Shave4McRibSweepstakes and tag @mcdonalds.

 The first 10,000 entries will receive a code for a free McRib, available via McDelivery with Uber Eats...this means you!
Personally, I will paid for mine, and even though I will need to indulge with a bib and a roll of paper towels...I'm keeping the beard thru winter.

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