Interesting Survey Offer Stats On Being Stupid
Powerwallet.com is adding up the idiots and I do believe everybody falls into one, if not most, of these categories.  So slap me with an 'I am stupid sticker' and send me on my merry way.  Take a look, just how stupid are you?
Connecticut School Bans Halloween [POLL]
Halloween events have been banned at the schools in Milford, Connecticut. The towns annual Halloween parade that has been a longtime tradition has been canceled by the local school district. But that's not all, the school has banned even more.
Settle This Marital Dispute – Mayo Vs. Miracle Whip [POLL]
This is probably one of the biggest debates in my house between my husband and me.  Granted there are worse things we could argue about.  But the house is now divided Team Mayo & Team Miracle Whip.  As the primary grocery shopper, I refuse to even put the stinky gag inducing mayonnaise in the sh…

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