How Do Your Eyes See THIS?
I love learning about the human body. Science was never my thing in school but I've come to learn that it's a lot more interesting than I thought it was!
Especially when it has to do with your brain! And this just blows my mind (sorry for the pun).
Sharon and Family Are Real ‘Diggers’
The tv show 'Diggers' is a staple in our household. When Ringy and King George find something in the ground, whether it is roundness in the hole, some civ or even some rev (if you don't know the lingo, you will) we all get excited!
Grandparents are Good for Your Health
According to a study from Boston College, hanging out with your Grandparents is good for your health. Grandma and Grand pap can lower you risk of depression. The best part of Grandparents is they want to spoil and nurture their grandchildren and that you feel good about yourself.
Curiosity Rover Begins Second Year on Mars
The Curiosity Rover is beginning its second year on Mars, having touched down on the surface of the red planet on Aug. 6, 2012. The mission has been a total success as the rover found evidence that Mars once had conditions that would support life
Solar Flare, Near Miss of Earth
Two weeks ago, the Earth came close a catastrophe from a nuclear flare from the sun. Massive surges of energy or electromagnetic pulses, known as EMP’s, could have knocked out electrical equipment all over the planet.
Chinese Scientists Grow Teeth From Human Urine
The first question you’re going to ask, ‘but, will they be yellow’? The answer is no! Here’s why you’ll ask that question. Scientists in China have grown teeth from stem cells taken from human urine. With many scientists around th…
Scientists Discover New Virus They Believe is From Mars
Scientists have discovered a new type of virus, the biggest they have ever seen, and it is 10 to hundreds of times bigger than any other known virus. Pandoraviruses are unlike any known virus because 93 percent of the genes don’t match any other virus known to man.
Woman From England Finds Maggots in Her Ear
Rochelle Harris had visited South America, specifically Peru, with her boyfriend, and when she returned home to England some strange things seemed to be happening to her. She developed sharp pains on one side of her face and she began to hear scratching noises in her head. When she woke up one morni…

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