It's Halloween! BOOOOOOOOOOO!

I know alot of people who have close encounters with the other side. I thought I might share a few stories of my own because I believe in ghosts!

Some experiences have been creepy...some I took in stride.

See for yourself!

The first experience I ever had was when I was 5 years old. We lived in Milford, Connecticut at the time and my family was outside playing on a hot Summer day. My sister, Wendy, was chasing me around my dad's car when I fell and she fell on top of me. I yelled 'Get off! You're squishing me!"

She couldn't. Try as she might, she could not lift herself off of me. She said 'Something's holding me down!" She tried pushing from the ground and she could not get up! My family literally had to pull me out from underneath her and then she fell to the ground. THAT was creepy!

A few years ago living in an old farmhouse, I was in the bedroom getting ready to blow dry my hair. My ex's grandfather had passed away in the house just a few years before and we say his spirit still lives there. What happened was I was getting ready to pick up the blow dryer and a white hair clip flew at my face. I was startled so I picked it up off the floor and put it back where it had been. I went to turn it on again and, sure enough, the clip flew at my face AGAIN! I looked around the room and said "Grandpa, would you knock it off. I need to dry my hair!" And it stopped. When no one is home, his daughter says the lights still flicker on and off.

When I visited the Mill Agent House in Vassalboro last year, I experienced something tugging my hair in the attic and a bright blue light flash in the master bedroom.

Those are just some of my ghost tales! I hope everyone has a safe, happy happy happy and fun Halloween!