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Best Of The Morning Buzz - Cow Cuddling
So...cow cuddling...it's a thing, apparently.  It's used for relaxing.  I'm not convinced.  Listen to the Morning Buzz as we discuss 'cow cuddling'
Maine Teen Hit By Car While Trying To Board School Bus
This story infuriates me to no end.  How does this happen???  Buses now come outfitted with bright lights...flashing STOP signs...yet, that still isn't enough to prevent a car from blasting through and hitting an innocent student.
Real-Life Haunted Trail In Randolph
With Halloween just around the corner, people love to excitement of ghost hunting.  It really sets the mood for this time of year.  To my surprise, you don't have to travel too far to search out spirits.  Some spots, are closer than you think.
The entire country is in an uproar over this new MegaMillions jackpot!  $1.6 BILLION!!! A person, simply, cannot fathom what that kind of money could do for them.  It's just soooo much money.
Bee Cre8tive Paint Night Was A Blast!!
The Bee Crew, listeners & Sue Begin's staff all had a blast Friday night!  If you weren't able to get in on this contest...DON'T WORRY...we will do more!  From beginners to experts, Sue made it easy for to follow along.  If you want to attend one of Cre8tive Eve…
Bee Lunch Break Weekly Winner
Congratulations to CPort Credit Union in Augusta! They are our Bee Lunch Break winners. They won pizzas from Twins Country Store in Augusta. If you would like to have McCoy & Dyer deliver lunch to your workplace for up to 10 people, enter the Bee Lunch Break now!
Maine Kitten Thrown At School Bus In Winterport
I can't imagine what goes through people's minds at times.  Who, in any frame of mind, throw an innocent kitten at a school bus?  That's what happened to poor 'Hiccup', a black and white kitten, from Winterport.
'Polio-Like' Paralyzing Illness Confirmed In New England
Six children, in Minnesota, were recently diagnosed with acute flaccid myelitis.  AFM affects the body's nervous system, specifically the spinal cord, and can cause paralysis. Unlike polio, there is no vaccine for AFM.