It's a fact of life that things of all sorts come and go.

In most communities, no matter where they are, one of the biggest changes is the turnover of businesses.  It is a fact of life.  Businesses come and go for all sorts of reasons.  Economic reasons, the sale of businesses to new owners (who make so many changes the business is almost unrecognizable), to changes in technology.  Think about it this way, when was the last time you saw a blacksmith shop or a livery?

So, we asked our listeners about old businesses they still miss.  Here are some of the top answers...

10 Central Maine Businesses That Our Listeners Miss

Everything changes, whether we want it to or not. This includes businesses. Many of the businesses we grew up with are no longer in Maine. Some no longer exists at all. Here are some of the businesses that are no longer in Maine that you miss.

Ultimate Guide To Dairy Bars In Central Maine And Beyond

6 Maine Ghost Towns You Never Knew Existed

Considering the area that we now call the State of Maine has been inhabited for thousands of years (first by the Native Americans and later by European settlers) it shouldn't come as any surprise that we have a few "ghost towns" in our state. Here are six ghost towns listed by

8 Shocking Maine Murders

While we normally consider Maine to be a really safe place to live, occasionally murders do take place in the Pine Tree State. Here are a few of the more shocking murders that have taken place in Maine over the last few hundred years.
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