There are many, many unusual and unique ways to use your dishwasher. However, some are a little more unique and unusual than others. I've heard of washing baseball caps in a dishwasher, but that's as far as "odd" items went.

Our listeners, well, use their dishwashers for many purposes; enjoy the list below.

10 unusual & unique ways that our listeners use their dishwashers

  1. Storing snacks chips cookies away from kids. Also stored my leftover clean containers in there. - Juanita Hall
  2. Baby toys‍♀️ when I was pregnant and "nesting" everything plastic, glass or metal that wasn't nailed down and I could fit went into the dishwasher. - Lora Pinkham
  3. My dishwasher died so I use it to organize my spices and baking ingredients. - Sherry Dudley Bourgoin
  4. Holding Tupperware dishes. _Kelly Knight
  5. Crocs... top rack only and no heat drying. - Susan Emerson
  6. Knick knacks and oil lamp chimneys. - Linda Bacon Quimby
  7. It didn't clean well because of hard water so I used it as a bread box. It kept bread and snacks fresh for weeks. - Val Tib Beauregard
  8. trash can lid. - Wendy Ames
  9. The girlfriend's toys. - Benjamin Lajoie
  10. Washing baseball caps. - Linda Salisbury

10 unusual & unique ways that our listeners use their dishwashers

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