Xavier Freebairn-Lopez is a 16-year-old determined teen who decided to help a program called Operation Ray of Light, according to Central Maine. 
We view the veterans the United States as a great asset to our country. We work to provide outdoor missions that enhance veterans sense of community through connection.
This is his Eagle Scout project wants to empower veterans and provide a handicap-accessible ice fishing lodge for disabled veterans.
In order to raise money, he went on a 30 mile hike on Sebago Lake Trails to help operation ray of light.
He has a Go Fund Me and his description reads,
 Ice Eagle is an Eagle Scout project driven by local boy scout Xavier Freebairn-Lopes from Troop 874 in Standish, ME. His vision is to build an ADA-compliant ice shelter for disabled veterans and first responders here in our own home state, providing them the ability to enjoy the great outdoors with friends and family during the cold winter season. To do this, Xavier has teamed up with Operation Ray of Light to make this vision become a reality.
He started his trek at 5 am with checkpoints along the way. He had a group of veterans waiting at one checkpoint with a hot meal and inspiration. They made him moose burgers and freshly caught fish, as the article stated.
Xavier is doing something for veterans that is extremely commendable and so many support him in his efforts to help those who fought for all of us.

If you'd like to help Xavier with his project for Maine vets you can visit and donate to his Go Fund ME.

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