It's almost time for 2021 Kennebec Valley Humane Society Mutt Strut.

The 2021 Mutt Strut will take place Saturday, June 26th at the Augusta Youth Memorial Park kicking off at 10 am. This year marks the 28th year for the Kennebec Valley Humane Society's annual Mutt Strut.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, KVHS was unable to host the 2020 Mutt Strut in person which severely affected the number of donations. However, they are hoping to match the amount of 2019 participants and donations. The monetary goal is $25,000.

There will be tons of things to do, from demonstrations courtesy of Merrill's Dog Academy, Aroma Joe's will be serving up coffee for you and pup cups for the special pup in your life and Loyal Biscuit Co. will also be serving up treats.

With less than one week from the 2021 Mutt Strut, KVHS is still looking for donations, if you are able to help them out please do so. Last I checked, KVHS was only $4,000 from their goal of $25,000

If you would like to register to walk or donate you can do so HERE.

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