There’s a very strange classified ad on the website, Gumtree, where an Australian woman is looking for a man to watch her sleep.  Susan from Collingwood is seeking a man to dress-up in an owl costume, sit in her bedroom and watch her sleep. She’s willing to pay someone $40 an hour to watch her nod off but if they don’t want to wear the owl costume the hourly rate is lower.

Susan in an insomniac who realizes the request is weird but says she’s always found comfort in the idea owls are natures lookouts. She requires three people in total to work the nightshift from 11pm to 6 am to help her fall asleep and stay sleeping.  As jobs go, this is an odd one.

The problem with the ad. It was a hoax perpetrated by a college student named Meredith Eriksson. Why? Hey, it's funny! She's even started a blog cataloging the best responses.

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