Okay, ladies' and gentle-dudes, their is a stigma surrounding a very serious issue that I feel it's finally time for me to address with the public. It's something that has been bothering me, and especially, my legs.

It's called, "Chub Rub." If you don't know what it is, it's when you're inner thighs rub together when your perspiring or when it's very hot. If you have a thigh gap, I'm very happy you don't have to deal with this. But, that's not the case for me.

It's time to deal with the chub rub. It's now time to no longer pretend I am not in dyer pain when I'm walking around the boardwalk at the beach and the sun, sweat, and additional irritation of sand has created bumps and a rash from hell between my legs.

A hot day and sweaty legs are a disaster waiting to happen if you're a human with skin that rubs together.

So, I reached out to you for remedies to our sticky situation. Baby powder is a popular one. Does it provide relief? Yes. However, let me share my baby powder mishap.

I went hiking in Rangeley, Maine for the weekend and ended up with a monstrous case of chub rub. I used baby powder religiously. One day, I wore black shorts. Unbeknownst to me, I had a massive white powder disaster between my legs and all over my butt the entire day.

Thank goodness for all of you Maine women and men who have now come to my rescue!

Let's face it, it's Maine, it's summer and when your legs touch, you're bound to understand this symptom of being human. Let's not keep this hush hush any longer, spread the chub rub and find the remedies!

So that's what I did and below are a few ways to help ease and get rid of that annoying chub rub!

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