One of the things that has always fascinated me is how people will jump into action to help those in need.  Sometimes, they even put themselves in harms way to save people they do not know.

Recently, in California, a complete stranger saved an infant.  The caretaker lost her grip on the stroller and it was about to roll into traffic when a man came running up to stop the carriage.

Check out the video:

Much closer to home, on Tuesday night, a Good Samaritan helped Hallowell police save two people from a burning building.

According to an article on the WMTW website, at around 10 PM first responders got reports that two people were stuck on the roof of a Franklin Street (Hallowell) home.  It appears that the people had been forced onto the roof by a fire in the home.

A Hallowell police officer, who had the help of an unidentified stranger, was able to get the people to safety within a few minutes.  The stranger reportedly grabbed a ladder for the officer.

No one was injured in the incident.

The person reportedly left the scene before they were identified.  Police are asking for the person to come forward.  They hope the person will either message the police Facebook page or call the police station.

The investigation into the fire continues.

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