I can't resist...this cat is just too darn cute and he's mine.  Milo certainly knows how to handle a lazy day...EVERYDAY.  He may just be a 'cat'...but he came into my life just when I needed him most.  

Milo was 2 weeks old and needed a foster family...a family to feed him by bottle every 3 hours.  Here's a video of me explaining to my daughter that we're NOT keeping him.

Well, plans change.  Some how, Milo never found his way back to the humane society.  When he was weened and feeding himself, I found out I had chiari.  That was when he started taking care of me.  He's been my lil ball of shmoosh that has gotten me through some very tough tough days.

And not to show favoritism or anything...but this is my other kitty.  His face is permanently giving me the middle finger (or maybe looks like something else)  Hi Henry.

Henry dickface

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