Sunday morning I woke with dread. I needed to do groceries and get cleaning supplies but the idea of crawling out of bed and going to the local big box store for all of my cleaning supplies was less than appealing. I'm a single mother working two jobs and maintaining a household by myself, is one morning in a nice warm bed too much to ask?

This past winter, after schlepping a gigantic bag of dog food from shelf to cart to register to car to home, I decided I was going to have my dog food delivered to my house through Amazon. We then added the large 24 count toilet paper to the order and never since have I had to go buy these nor have I run out.  So with phone in hand on Sunday morning, I began perusing Amazon for laundry soaps, fabric softeners, toilet cleaner, paper towels and such. As I filled my cart one item suggested was protein chips from Quest. Food on Amazon? Yes, I knew it was offered but I had never tried it and thought "Why not?"

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I added spices and canned black beans and soups as well as lemon juice, vinegar, and organic soups. There are many boxed foods available as well, but in general I stay away from those in my diet. They also offer produce in large quantities but I'm not ready to take that plunge yet but cleaning supplies, pet supplies, canned foods and herbs and spices?  Hell yeah!  Why not? I filled my box in the prime pantry for $75 (it was $168 but I pushed the kids "wants" into the "wish list" folder) which pleases me immensely.  Now I wait.  Wednesday I get my Pronamel toothpaste and Amy's organic black bean soup and I didn't have to stand at the registers griping about self checkout and long lines and large crowds.  Down side?  I don't see any. I do have boxes to recycle but I'm saving fuel and time.

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