A few weeks ago, I wrote about my 25th anniversary in broadcasting. In that piece, there was a part about the special people you meet, and how they aren't the ones with their name on the marquee. Allow me to expand on that.

Friday, we had a remote over at Tobey's Grocery. With all of the items up for grabs, we had big ticket things to give away nearly every ten minutes. Among them, a 40" TV, which was held for the final drawing. Close to the end, I noticed an older couple poking around, and encouraged them to sign up. Not thinking much of it, it was about time to draw for the TV, and wrap it up.

So, I call out the name "Lionel Nichols," and as you can guess, it was this gentleman. What I assumed was a fun moment soon turned very real. Lionel extended his hand, and wouldn't...let...go. His wife explained how he had just turned 93, received a chemo treatment that afternoon, and was concerned about making it to our "event" in time. Prior to today, Lionel only had a 17" TV, and there was something in his eye contact which would stop anyone in their tracks. We stood there and talked for 10 more minutes. He may be a man of few words, but they were extremely well placed.

Like Tom Petty says, "some days are diamonds, some days are rocks." Obviously, this one was in the former category. I think whatever we do in life, we'd like to make a positive difference. It was a great moment to be a part of, and we received a message this morning from the couple. The TV is hooked up, and they're enjoying it today.

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