I’ve mentioned before Im a fan of the water. I don’t know if I’m more partial to the ocean or the lakes but fortunately I’m just a few minutes from both. Literally five minutes in either direction I can go to a lake and within 10 minutes I can be at the ocean.
Sometimes I'm partial to speed on the water, other times I just want the smell of the salt water while sailing the coast, then there are other times where I just like to put in a kayak and disappear into tranquility.  Kayaking is such a low maintenance water venture. Sometimes I'll just paddle out into a little cove on the lake and just stop, and listen, take it all in, and simply relax. Age has enlightened me to a slower pace, where I enjoy noticing many of the details I have missed in the past.One of my favorite places to kayak is Lake St. George. There’s a few places that you can park and put your kayak in. And if you had off in one direction you can go up to the mouth where it leads to stream. No matter where you go, it doesn’t take very long before you feel transported to a different place in a different time. You can’t hear any traffic and you don’t see houses. For me it’s a magical quiet place and sometimes it’s just what the doctor ordered to get away from everything going on in 2020.

So thankful for so many wonderful options to enjoy the water in Maine.
See you on the water!
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