Over the past two weeks, most schools in Maine have returned from Summer vacation. This means school is in full session and with that comes good and bad. The good is so good because our kids are back in school after the craziest 18 months of their lives. The bad news, sadly with school in session so is bullying.

At some point in life, most people are subject to being bullied but it doesn't make it okay. Human emotions are the real deal and words hurt worse than most understand.

Take time to teach your children, grandchild, nieces, and nephews to be the kindest person in the room. Make sure that you inspire the kids in your life to sit with the lonely child at lunch or find a friend on the playground who is alone and invite them to play.

The best thing we can teach the next generation is that no one should have to eat or play alone unless of course, they choose to be alone.

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