According to WGME, one Maine town received help from a very unsuspecting friend. The town of Greene just saved from $4000 worth of repairs all because of a beaver.

The Greene Fire Department became concerned when the water levels dropped substantially at the pond on Bull Run Road in Greene, causing serious erosion. The town wouldn't be nearly as concerned, but the pond on Bull Run Road is their only water source for fighting fires in the southeastern part of town.

Greene residents and the Greene Fire Department decided to repair the dam, expected to cost roughly $4000. However, when the Greene Fire Chief went to check on the low water levels and reevaluate the situation, there was water.

Apparently, a furry little friend built a dam, and it fixed the whole problem. This may be a unique and extremely wild story but I promise it's true, and I don't think the town ever expected a wild animal to answer such an expensive situation.

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