Back when I was a wee lad I believed one day I would grace the stage as a comedian making the world laugh would be my life's work and I thought i'd be good at it. That dream is still there but it's on the backburner for now. One thing I love to do is watch comedians on Netflix, I honestly watch these more than actual tv. So I have compiled a list of my favorites so you can get in on the laughter as well.

John Mulaney-Any of his specials

He currently has 3 specials on Netflix right now, his most recent one, Kid Gorgeous, being release last month. John Mulaney is my favorite comedian, I have heard all of his CD's, seen him twice in person, and watch his specials more than any other. He is fairly vulgar so don't watch this one with the kids but as far as comedian's go, he's one of the best out there.

Gabriel Iglesias-I'm Sorry for what I said when I was hungry

Fluffy! He is my hero, when I imagined being a comedian as a child, this is what I imagined I would be as a comedian. He has taken the world by storm, but my favorite by far was his performance in Chicago. You can see the 6 levels of fatness below.

Hari Kondabolu-Warn Your Relatives

He's a new one, very political so if that's not your cup of tea, this is not for you. Nonetheless he is a very good storyteller, and very funny.

Bill Burr-Why Do I Do This?

He is by far the worst comedian i've ever heard. And by worst I don't mean that he's a bad comedian, I mean his jokes are inappropriate. Do not let your kids watch him. All in all I love this special more than his others. He's hit or miss on most of his specials for me, but this one is my favorite.


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