I admit it...I'm a sucker for a great deal. Huge holiday sales, black Friday, cyber Monday, end of year, inventory clean out etc, etc. The problem we get into is we get so focused on the deals that we often overlook the fine print or worst completely let our guard down about the where, how, and why.  Yes, huge savings and great deals are to be had but... with diligence. Because just as we are looking to score the best deals we can. Scam artists are also hard at work to make our hard earned cash disappear into their pockets. I get just as excited as anyone to save some green but I've also trained myself to be on the look out for getting scammed. Faux websites, spoofing, card reading skimmers, face it, the holidays are big business but not only for legit businesses but for those despicable people looking to scam you!

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