I don't know about you but, I love reading and often find myself getting caught up reading a book about something that strikes my interest. I can spend the better part of a day just browsing old book in stores, even cook books will draw me to them.

Book stores in general have been on the decline for years now but every now and then you will run upon a good used book store that has some gems.  There is one such book store in Rockland, right on Main street called Dooryard Books. The official address is 438 Main Street, Rockland, Maine if you want to google it.

Sad to say but Dooryard Books is closing by the end of next month (July 2020). There is an older gentleman that owns it and he is looking towards a new chapter in his life, sorry, I couldn't resist. Rumor has it that he is open 10-5 but I haven't been able to confirm this as the store telephone number appears to be shut down. When you go by the store you can see a sign that says "FREE BOOKS" ...he is giving ALL the books away for FREE! He says if there are any books left he is going to take then to the recycling center.

It is truly worth a road trip to Rockland to check out the selection of books. I grabbed five including a biography on Norman Rockwell, a few war history books, and a book on making pasta from scratch. He will insist that the books are all free but there is a donation basket that sits out if you are so inclined, and it would be a great gesture for such a wonderful offering.

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