And another one, yes, the king of not only the burger but of the surprise is at it again... Burger King just put out a new video to introduce us all to ...The Impossible Whopper serving the Impossible Whopper instead of the original Whopper, and what do people think of this meatless creation? Well, take a look HERE.

By the way, its Impossible to get the Impossible Whopper here in Maine just yet but, if you are traveling to  St Louis, 59 exclusive BKs around St. Louis will be testing the Impossible Whopper, which by definition is... a flame-grilled, plant-based patty topped with all the usual Whopper fixins on a toasted sesame seed bun.

Remember that 80's commercial..."Where's The Beef", oops, wrong restaurant. The Impossible Whopper is, as BK says “All Whopper. No beef.”  And those who have tried it...claim it is as juicy, and delicious as the original.

Now ya know!