I recently tired Vegan ice cream for the very first time, and man, oh man, was it delicious. Over the past five years, I have cut dairy out of my diet, and it makes it nearly impossible to find a local ice cream stand that carries a dairy-free ice cream alternative. Now a lot of places have sorbet or something similar to Italian ice, but I'm not into that I want full-on creamy ice cream.
Thankfully the Ice Cream Shoppe in Randolph has helped me with my ice cream fix over the past few years with their Dole options. Dole ice cream is a water-based ice cream mixture that isn't dairy-free. It is lactose-free, but when you want ice cream, you settle. So when I heard that the Ice Cream Shoppe was now carrying Vegan ice cream, it changed my whole world. Game changer, I tell you.
Earlier in the week, I reached out to the Ice Cream Shoppe in hopes of getting my hands on a few samples that I could bring in and share with Buzz. They were so gracious and sent me along with a selection of each of their three new flavors.

Check out our Buzz and Kristi extra to see just how it went.


A Buzz & Kristi ExtraA Buzz & Kristi Extra - this time, they taste test vegan ice cream

Posted by B98.5, Central Maine's Country on Wednesday, July 8, 2020



As I expected, every single flavor was just so darn good. And, for real, if you didn't know that it's made from Oatmilk or vegan, you would have no idea!

Thanks again to the Ice Cream Shoppe in Randolph for setting up with this sweet treat.


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