Welcome back to the Buzz Bradley pizza lab. Yes, it is a passion.

In my quest to find the perfect pizza, I've decided the best route is to learn from the experts, and make it for myself. With the addition of my commercial pizza deck oven, I have been working on several distinct doughs depending on what type of pie I am after.

Sometimes things  turns out exactly as you expected. Other times, you decide to go in another direction. I have been having great success with fine tuning my NY Slice Pizza, from dough to sauce, to the Grande east coast blend I have fed-ex'd over from Wisconsin.

On the street in NY you usually run into 3 types of slices, a red slice, a square, or Sicilian slice, and a white slice AKA Pizza Bianca. Now, If you haven’t had pizza bianca before, you are missing out. White pizza is simply a pizza without any sauce, that also means  no WHITE sauce either. If the thought of having a pizza with no sauce sounds insane to you, maybe it is...but it sure tastes amazing.

Five toppings make this pie a stunna.

  • Olive Oil
  • Garlic
  • Mozzarella
  • Ricotta
  • Oregano

As a matter of fact they even go on in that order. Like anything pizza, the sky is the limit, you can get fancy add many other things but I like the basics, the traditional white slice. It brings me to my happy place.

Of course I have an affinity for each ingredient on that list but I will spare you the research and my prejudice towards brands, styles, etc.


Bottom line this recipe is basically fool-proof. I'll assume you are not making the dough You’re not making the dough so store-bought pizza dough will be fine.

  • Stretch out your dough to your desired diameter, for me that is 18"
  • brush on olive oil to cover crust
  • add crushed garlic 4-5 cloves on top of olive oil
wp 1
  • top with light-med layer of shredded mozzarella
wp 2
  • dollop on tablespoon sized dots of the ricotta cheese (whole milk prefered)
wp 3
  • sprinkle on some oregano
wp 4

Pop into a 500-550 degree oven, pizza stone would be nice, about 8 mins, eyeball it to the desired doneness

wp 5


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