Buzz and I love to eat, that's no secret. Cooper learned that fun fact early on and has had us taste test a few really strange and, let's just say, not so delicious things. Strange things that he claims he himself enjoys.

But, after trying these items myself, I'm pretty sure he was lying and that this was all a ploy. I mean, who really eats Chili Covered Guava fruit? No one I know, and certainly not me EVER again. It was probably one of the worst taste tests I've done. And, I'm not gonna speak for Buzz, but I can say without a doubt he wasn't a fan of the chili covered guava fruit either.

Buzz and I decided Cooper deserved a little payback for the wretched things he brought us in to try as a team. Below you will see just how much fun we had getting back at Cooper.


I gotta say, I feel much better about trying the next strange food Cooper brings in because he was such a trooper. I can say that I did truly enjoy seeing the disgusted look on his face, though, just as he did mine. Haha!

What should we have him taste-test next?


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