For the first time in almost 40 years, McDonald's has added a new chicken nugget flavor to its menu. The original menu was released in 1983 and only offered the original McNuggets that we have all grown to love over the last 40 years.

Buzz and I had the pleasure of trying the new spicy nuggets before they are even available, and I'll tell you, these nuggets did not disappoint. We even made sure to dip our spicy nuggets into the "Mighty Hot Sauce" to make sure we got the full effect. Let's say it was, SPICY!

McDonald's new Spicy Nuggets will be available on Wednesday, September 16th.

Check out the video below for our taste testing reactions.


Unfortunately, the spicy new addition won't be around for long, as it is a limited edition item. Don't wait long because these Spicy Nuggets are delicious and you'll regret missing out.

A big thank you to Amanda and the crew at the Western Ave, McDonals, for supplying us with these tasty nuggets.

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