Hard to believe that we are already more than halfway through the 3d Annual Camp Out Hunger!  Time really does go by fast, and as we get the first U-Haul truck fully loaded the race is on to get U-Haul truck #2 fully loaded.

It is always so heart warming to see everyone come by, the donations vary, some bring by non perishable food items, there some personal type items, like personal hygiene stuff , there are also many people who are dropping off pet food as we are adding Spectrum Generations to the receiving list as they have put together a great program that aides elderly who are struggling to keep their pets fed this year and we are so glad to help.

We couldn't do any of it without the great support of you, our listeners, and this great generous community of givers. It always surprises me to hear the story of those who have been effected by food insecurity issues. They are so touching, and also speak to the courage of some many that fight to provide even the most basic of needs, like food.

Everyone has a story, and everyone knows someone in need.It truly is how we come together as a community that makes the difference. Thank you in advance for your donations to this great cause.

Hopefully the next few days will put us over the top donationwise, as the food and money will find it's way to the local Salvation Army of the Capitol Region for distribution right here in Central Maine. What you donates stays right here to help those in need, right here!

Here's a few pics of some of the great things going on at Camp Out Hunger today....

Camp Out Hunger - Buzz Day 3

Thank you again for your generous support, we can't wait to see what the next few days bring as well!

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