Like ALMOST every state, Maine requires the owners of vehicles (if they intend to drive those vehicles on the road), to have a safety inspection done each year.  For those who don't know, these inspections consist of having a certified mechanic check the tires, electrical system (lights), exhaust, suspension, etc.

Assuming the vehicle passes inspection, it will be given a sticker noting that it passed.  That sticker is good for twelve months.

It should not be a big shocker that people sometimes try to skirt those rules.  Often, this happens when someone needs a lot of work done to their vehicle in order to make it inspectable, but they do not have the cash in order to pay for the repairs.

Most of the time, when we hear about a person using a fake inspection sticker, it is just a post-it note of the appropriate colors taped to the windshield.  The stickers are approximately the same size as a post-it note and, from a distance, could pass as a "sticker".

Sometimes, people really step up their fake sticker game, though.  Recently, the Holden Police Department stopped a vehicle that had a fake inspection sticker.  It was actually a really good fake/ It was the correct size, correct color, it had the notch taken out for the expiration date, and even had the bar code.  At first glance, anyone might think it was real.  However, there was a really big error that made it clear that the sticker was fake.

So, what was it?  What made it bluntly obvious that this stickers was fake?

The fake sticker contained a massive spelling error.  Instead of the word VEHICLE, the sticker had it spelled VEHICAL.

You can see the Holden PD Facebook post HERE

Remember kids, spelling counts!

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