Getty Images, photo by James Worrell

Cleaning the carpets in the house this weekend, after winter I like to clean things up and it seemed they were exceptionally dirty this time around. I have a home carpet cleaner; Bissell, not the greatest but it does the job. With the dirt being more ground-in this time I had to come up with a solution that would clean well. After a little experimenting here’s what I used and it work fantastic!

With 3 gallons of hot water I mixed a carpet cleaner, it doesn’t matter which one as long as it’s good for machines and is safe for the type of carpet you have. Read the directions and warnings on the back of the bottle and you should be o.k. Next, I mixed a half a cup of white vinegar, which is great for cleaning and cutting down and smells you may have, then I mixed in a cup of Cascade dish detergent and that was the best, it made the carpets look brand new. When I mixed the carpet cleaner and vinegar, the carpet wasn’t getting as clean as I was hoping for, but when I added the Cascade, WOW!

Be sure to check a small area on your carpet with the solution before you start clean just to make sure it’s not going to change the color.