It was getting so bad in the kitchen sink it felt like the scene from The Green Mile: when Michael Clark Duncan releases the badness into the air. Remember that?

Well, I was living it this past week.

Luckily, the internet and YouTube have endless information on how to do just about anything!

I watched the YouTube video on how to get rid of the fruit flies in my house. It was so simple. I wish I had done it weeks ago.

They seem to have taken over the kitchen. All because I left a banana out way too long before I ate it. You think nothing of it. There's one here....then another one there...before you know it, it's terrible. And they breed FAST!

So, I took apple cider vinegar (that's the only kind that works because of the citrus smell) and poured about a inch deep's worth into a big mug. I then covered it with plastic and secured it with an elastic. I poked holes (not too big) in the top and set it out.

And the carnage began! (insert evil laugh here!)

It really has worked as you can see from the pictures! I hope this helps anyone out there that is having the same problem!

Fruit Flies 3
Photo by Sharon Buck

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