If you have a YouTube channel things have recently begun to get a little more interesting regarding copyright issues. Think, uploading a song lyric video.

According to the tech website Gizmo, YouTube is now going to check videos for copyright content BEFORE you upload that may effect the visibility of videos.

There are still some questions regarding exactly how it works however there are reports suggesting that it may use YouTubes "Content ID tech" that helps locate copyrighted content on the platform and then presents options to the owner of the content to either block it or actually earn money off the person that is posting copyright material by ads that can be placed on the persons channel with revenue going to the rightful owner, which I think is a pretty cool concept.

YouTube is quick to point out that even with this protection in place, it is not perfect and if you are a content creator keep in mind that if you use someone else's work in your YouTube channel you still could be hit with a cease and desist letter, or worst a copyright claim.


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