Residents and tourists in Belfast will have another new restaurant to sample this weekend. Evan Mallett, owner of the Black Trumpet restaurant in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, will open a new restaurant at 108 Main St in Belfast this Friday. Evan is also the author of the award winning cookbook “Black Trumpet: A Chef’s Journey Through Eight New England Seasons." While the Black Trumpet enjoys continued success, Mallett has been able to focus on a a new adventure which turned into a restaurant on the Midcoast. He told the Portland Press Herald he considers Belfast to be the next 'it spot' for food in New England. Mallett also said the prices will be "slightly more affordable” than those at Black Trumpet. Fish entrees will range, roughly, between $15 and $22, and vegetarian dishes between $10 and $19. Lobster dishes will average $22.

“It’s not setting out to be a fine-dining place,” he said. “We very much want it to be accessible to locals year-round, and to have an appeal to everyone. We believe that everyone deserves oysters.”

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