The Christmas Tree Shop in Augusta, just like many other stores across the nation and world, were forced to temporarily close due to the coronavirus pandemic.

We do have some good news, though.  As of today (June 1st), The Christmas Tree Shops in Augusta have officially reopened!. By the look of the line, a lot of patrons were very very excited about this reopening. They were so excited they didn't even bat an eye at the prospect of waiting in line for over an hour.

Personally, I understand their thought process and commitment.  If I knew the Augusta Christmas Tree Shops was open I probably would have spent my afternoon in line waiting to shop.   Let's be honest we could all use a little retail therapy, grocery shopping's not even fun.

As a member of this community, and a resident of the gorgeous state of Maine, I'm excited to see businesses reopen and life return to some sense of normalcy. Its not perfect yet and it will take time but this is a step in the right direction.

Is there a store or business that hasn't reopened yet that your just waiting to reopen?

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