Health, fitness, and the right amount of energy seem to be on the minds of most people nowadays. Whether it's working out, taking supplements, or drinking less sugary drinks, it seems to be the new biggest fad of our generation. Don't get me wrong I'm enjoying a shot at a healthier me and lifestyle.

Good news for those who are like me and love these fun energy shakes, according to a post on Coastal Nutrition and Energy Facebook page, a new and local nutrition club is coming to Newcastle. The grand opening of this fantastic new nutrition club will be in early October.



Coming soon!

We are excited to announce that we will be opening up a nutrition and energy club in NEWCASTLE!


Posted by Coastal Nutrition and Energy on Wednesday, August 19, 2020


If you're unfamiliar with what these nutrition clubs, it's a wide variety of health-inspired protein drinks, yummy shakes and, teas full of energy-boosting goodness. You can find anything from Reese's pieces flavored shakes to sweet or sour energy teas, guaranteed to have something for everyone.


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