According to a press release from the Maine Department of Public Safety, law enforcement discovered a large quantity of cocaine disguised as a cake.

Thanks to several anonymous tips, the MDEA’s South Central Task Force in Augusta opened an investigation into a 25 year old New York man named John Cedeno, who goes by the nickname "Papers".  Agents believe he was responsible for the distribution of a considerable amount of cocaine throughout Central Maine.

The investigation led agents to believe that Cedeno, along with a woman from Winslow, would be traveling into the State of Maine with the intention of bringing drugs into the state.

Yesterday afternoon, agents located the vehicle, an Audi, driven by Chelsy Cochran (of Winslow), traveling northbound on the Maine Turnpike with Cedeno as her passenger.

This car was later stopped, with the assistance of the Maine State Police, along I-295 as it entered Gardiner. A Maine State Police K9 conducted a drug sniff of the car following the stop and indicated the presence of illegal drugs. In the car’s trunk, agents located approximately four pounds of cocaine.

Two pounds of the cocaine was allegedly disguised as a cake!

Also seized was approximately $1900 in cash, believed to be the proceeds of illegal drug sales. The street value of the cocaine seized is $200,000.

Arrested were John Cedeno and Chelsy Cochran.  Both were transported to the Kennebec County Jail and charged with Aggravated Trafficking in Schedule W Drug, a Class “A” offense.

Bail for Cedeno was set at $750,000.  Bail for Cochran was set at $50,000

It is likely their first court appearance will be sometime on Wednesday (July 21st) afternoon.

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