Italian restaurant Marco's is located at 12 Mollison Way in Lewiston. It was first established in the 70s on Lisbon Street and were forced to move after a fire in 2004 destroyed their building and they have been on Mollison Way ever since.

Marco's has never failed a health inspection under the newest ownership, that is, until recently.

According to WMTW, health inspectors shut the restaurant down on June 25th after discovering cockroaches in the kitchen. Co-owner Duane Arnold suspects the pests came in via a food box.

The timing of the inspection lined up with their usual 4th of July break and City officials say the owners have been working daily to disinfect the building and reopen after the holiday.

The health inspector also dinged the restaurant on improper storage of raw meats, storing food on the floor, and ready-to-eat food being handled by employees with their bare hands. The owners are working diligently to fix those issues as well.

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