Chad and I eat out very little. We might grab a pizza to go at a few places but we're mostly homebodies.

When we read the article in the Portland Press Herald this morning we were SHOCKED!

At least 5 restaurants we have been to in the past year have FAILED inspection according to the Maine State Health Inspectors. And one of them had to close! I think I counted 25 Chinese restaurants!

I was VERY surprised at a few of them because we frequent them. I guess the health inspectors see things behind the scenes that we, the customer, don't get to see. I'm kind of glad we don't get to see them. YUCK!

15 including 2 in each Augusta and Portland, have closed. Out of the 15, 4 were Chinese restaurants. 1 VERY popular brewery in Auburn has also closed, according to the list!

Take a look HERE and see if any of the restaurants you frequent have failed or even closed!