If you are from Central Maine and have a Facebook account, then chances are pretty good that you've received an invite to the first EVER spaghetti dinner at the Red Barn.  This event is to help raise money for Connor, the 2-year-old boy whose story Sarah Dyer shared last week.

Connor, like Sarah, has Chiari Malformation.  But his case is much worse, as he has several rare conditions that correlate with his Chiari.  If you have already read Connor's story, you can read it here.  To sum it up, there is only 1 other documented pediatric case in the United States.  Connor will require up to 3 risky brain surgeries in the next 2 years...all which are not covered by t faheir insurance company.

To help eliminate a fraction of the cost, the Red Barn is hosting the first EVER spaghetti dinner for Connor and his family.  The event will be Monday, September 28th and will begin at 5pm.

Currently, The Red Barn is looking for items for the auction.  If you would like to make a donation to the auction, please contact Alicia Barnes: entaoed@gmail.com

If you can't make the #ConnorStrong Fundraiser Spaghetti Dinner at the Red Barn, please consider making a donation to their Go Fund Me page.

Here is a beautiful video that lays out Connor's journey.  Please share this event.  Alone we can do so little...Together we can do so much ~ Helen Keller