With February Vacation knocking on the front door, I find myself wondering how I'm going to keep the kids busy next week.  If they had it their way, they'd stay home and play video games all day and eat.  But, I want to get them out of the house a couple of times.  Here's some things I'm considering:

Did you see this amazing deal from Family Time Dine & Play in Auburn?  Normal price is $100, but you can get it for $50 with Seize the Deal.  The BEST part...it's for as many people as you want!!!  Bring your kids and their friends and play some laser tag for an hour.  CLICK HERE for the deal.

Maybe a movie.  These are currently playing:

  • Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
  • Peter Rabbit
  • Early Man

Portland Science Museum is illuminating minds with their Planet Shark (Predator or Prey) Experience

Have the kids spend the week working on a science project then have an exhibit at the end of the week and invite family and friends over to see the finished project.  This is wicked fun.  We did it a few years ago.  Might have to do it again.  Some project ideas:

Go roller skating at the Rolodrome in Auburn!  Also a fun time!

The kids can bounce their hearts out at Get Air

Take the kids swimming at the YMCA.
Click Here for the Augusta schedule
Click Here for the Waterville schedule...they also have Adventureland and rock climbing

Check out the Maine State Museum

Winter Fun Day & Free Skiing at the Quarry Road Trails Sunday, February 16th

Make fresh snow ice cream!  Emphasis on the FRESH.  Studies show that snow that is older than 48 hours can have 'earthly bacteria' on it and not be good to eat.

Do an escape room.  So much fun and only an hour long.


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