Outdoors or indoors, you can use Diamond Fire Glass to hold heat and burn cleaner, hotter fires. It is mostly used with gas fireplaces and burns more efficiently and hotter than wood. Fire glass doesn’t burn; it retains heat as a result of heating gas. Since it burns hotter than wood, there is no smoke or ash and can be turned on and off quickly since the glass heats up and cools down quickly.

It’s made from shards of glass and has rounded edges to decrease the risk of cuts. There is wide variety of colors to choose from depending on the décor you wish to have. The cost can be anywhere from $3.99 to $11.99 per pound. It works especially well in outdoor gas fire pits. It usually comes in the shard form, but can be bought as beads or pebbles and when lit, the fire makes the glass sparkle and dance and is guaranteed not to fade in color. It doesn’t change the color of the flame as it is non-combustible and not every gas fireplace or gas fire pit can use Diamond Fire Glass, so you have to make sure what you have is compatible.

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