So, the lawn at my house is small.  It is VERY small.  I have never measured it, but if I had to guess, I would say it is about 500 square feet.  Sure, that may seem like a sizable amount of space, but it really is not.

Because of this, it never really made sense for me to get a real lawn mower.  Ya' know, one that has a gas motor.  Or, if you're being green, an electric motor.  Regardless, the yard is just too small for any kind of lawn mower.

We had been using a weed whacker to trim the lawn.  It was the perfect size to keep the lawn kept.  Then, it died.  Because of how cheap the weed whacker was to purchase, it did not make much sense to try to get it fixed.

Instead, we looked into having someone come to mow the lawn.  But, since it is so small, that did not make much sense, either.

The solution that we ended up settling on, in my opinion, was brilliant.  I just wish I could take credit for the idea.  I can't...  It was actually my daughters' mother's idea.

She found out you can purchase those old school, push, lawn mowers on Amazon.

Basically, they are like something you would see in an old episode of "Leave It To Beaver" or any other 1950s / 1960s sitcom.  The two really great things about these are how easy they are to maintain and the fact that you never need to worry about having gas on hand.

Even though this is not the same model as what we got, it is very similar - check it out:

The one we got was from the American Lawn Mower Company.  The size we got is about $80.  You can get more details and order yours here.

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